Sunday, 5 April 2015

Book Art 2.0

In a city like Montreal, where there's still snow on the ground, I've noticed that people just start acting like it's spring even when the weather says otherwise. Lots of comments about the increasing daylight, people going without tuques even though it's still's almost as though we're trying to bring spring into being by pretending that it's already here! 

Well, I'm fine with that! Hopefully the event that I'll be cohosting at Westmount Public Library this upcoming Wednesday will help bring spring to the city. I love it when my day job as a school librarian segues into my business. At a Quebec Library Association event on April 8, my fellow school librarian Andrea Hyde and I will be teaching other librarians how to remake their old library books into paper sculptures, bouquets, quilled pieces, and more!

Book Sculpture