Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Three New Models of Origami Earrings

Christmas is coming! Which means that I'm already busy preparing for my next craft fair. I'll be at Quinn Farm on December 20th and 21st.

I think there's no denying that winter has arrived. Before I left work today, I discovered this beautiful view from the window of the library:

Westmount City Hall
I love the quiet calm that seems to fall over everything during a gentle snowfall of fat, puffy flakes. I took a stroll today and loved the sensation of the snowflakes blowing past me, landing on my hair and tuque. For me there has always been something so comforting about winter, some quality that leads me to reflect upon my life, and feel grateful for all I have.

But it's also made me realize that it's time to start preparing for the Quinn Farm fair. This time, my main focus has been jewellery (although I'll have Christmas ornaments and bouquets there as well). I love working with Japanese chiyogami paper, and so I have decided to expand my jewellery line.

I love the texture of chiyogami paper!
Over the past week I have been experimenting with three new models of earring. Here are some examples of my unfinished efforts:

There were definitely some false starts, but now that I've grown more accustomed to how each model is folded, I'm very pleased with the results. Take a sneak peek and see what you think!

Butterfly Earrings

These are so pretty! Delicate and lightweight, they're easily my favourite of the three new designs. They have something of an angelic look about them too.

Triple Triangle Earrings

These are more modern than previous designs. I like their geometric qualities and simple lines. I find that these work very well with simpler chiyogami patterns.

Heart Earrings

These have probably been the most challenging earrings that I have attempted so far. It can be difficult to get the curves of the heart shape exactly right, but the results are well worth the effort. These would be a fun and unconventional Valentine's Day gift!

I will be posting these in my Etsy shop soon! Or if you live in the Montreal area, drop by the Quinn Farm Craft Fair!

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